As one of the largest residential property management operators in the region, EVES is supportive of landlords who provide warm, safe and insulated homes. This creates a win-win situation for all concerned. Recently announced legislation will require properties for rent to be warm, dry and safe with smoke alarms installed, (mandatory in rental properties from July 2016), with underfloor and ceiling insulation required by July 2019.

Competition exists in every business and landlords compete for good tenants even when there is a shortage of available homes for rent.

EVES also makes contact with landlords to provide timely, relative asset maintenance through appropriate tradespeople.

A further invaluable service is provided to our landlords through Rothbury Landlord Insurance. Insuring the dwelling is essential, but protecting your investment from non-controllable events should also be considered. Rothbury Tauranga is well placed to advise you how to minimise your income risks as a landlord. In the past week our Rothbury team have won Best Branch, Best Commercial and Best Domestic Broker across the Rothbury business nationally, so you are in good hands.

EVES provides THE one stop shop. Property purchase, asset and income protection and rental management can all be taken care of by the EVES and Rothbury experts.

Ross Stanway