Renting With Us

Getting started

Contacting us

To contact your property manager phone for an appointment during office hours, leave a phone message or send an email. For urgent business outside normal hours, phone your property manager on their mobile.

Moving in costs

Prior to your tenancy commencing: Bond equivalent of four weeks rent, 1 – 2 weeks rent in advance plus GST must be paid in full.

Paying your bond

When you have paid your bond and signed your Bond Lodgement Form, we will forward these to the Department of Building and Housing who will issue you with a bond lodgement number.


Beginning your tenancy

Property Condition Report

Your Property Condition Report is included in your tenant pack. Please complete, sign and return within 7 days of starting your tenancy.

Remember that the condition of the property at the end of your tenancy will be compared with the details set out in the Property Condition Report.

Except for normal wear and tear, you are required to leave the property in the same condition as when you began your tenancy.


Tenant responsibilities


We strongly recommend that you arrange contents insurance cover for your personal possessions. Your landlord’s insurance does not protect your belongings. This cover includes personal liability if you are found negligent for damage caused to the property. Speak to insurance companies for details on their policies

Connecting to services

Ensure that all services such as phone, internet, gas and electricity are in your name.


Your property manager will inspect the property every

3-4 months. You will receive a letter advising the date and approximate time of inspection. You are welcome to be present if you wish.


Rent must be paid in advance at all times. If you are unable to meet your payment for any reason on or before the due date please contact your property manager and let us know otherwise you will be in breach of your tenancy agreement.


No pets are to be kept on the property without the written consent of the landlord.


Noisy parties and other behaviour which disturbs the neighbours will not be tolerated. Any complaints will be taken seriously.


The premises must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

Painting and decorating

Only with the written permission of the landlord.

Picture supports

Approved picture supports only – no nails, screws or stick-on tapes.


Lawns must be mowed regularly and gardens kept neat and tidy at all times. All rubbish must be removed regularly from the property.

Repairs and maintenance

Please report any requests for repairs or maintenance to your property manager either in writing, by email or phone. In the event of an emergency outside office hours, phone your property manager’s mobile number.

We will attend to repairs as soon as possible. We may need to obtain quotes and the owner’s approval before work can commence. If you arrange for repairs or maintenance work independently, you will be responsible for the cost, unless you can prove it was an extreme emergency.

If the fault is due to the negligence or accident on the part of the tenant, the tenant shall be responsible for the repair. If it is found there is no fault with an appliance and the call has been occasioned by the tenant’s inexperience, the tenant shall be responsible for the cost of the repairs.

If the key instructions are not adhered to and the tradesman cannot gain entry, the charge will be passed on to the tenant to pay. Any damage to the property or chattels caused by the tenant shall be repaired immediately at the tenant’s expense.

Changes in occupancy & circumstances

Your tenancy agreement specifies the maximum number and names of people who can occupy the property. Please discuss with your property manager if the original occupants need to change, or if there are any additional occupants.

Prior approval is required for any changes. Please notify us immediately if you change your contact details or employment.


Moving out

Giving notice

Periodic tenancy: You are required to provide, in writing, a minimum of 28 days notice to your property manager of your intention to vacate the property.

Fixed term tenancy: You must give your property manager at least 28 days notice of your intention to either vacate the property or continue the tenancy for a further fixed term or periodic tenancy. 

If you wish to leave the property on the end date of your fixed term agreement you need to give your property manager at least 28 days’ notice before the end date of the tenancy. If you wish to stay in the property past the end date of your fixed term tenancy agreement the tenancy will convert to a periodic tenancy.

If unforeseen circumstances should arise during a fixed term tenancy and, as a result, you have to vacate the property prior to the expiration of the lease term, you must contact your property manager to determine if arrangements can be made to help you exit your contract. If your request for an exit plan is approved, you will be responsible for payment of all rent until another suitable tenant is found and commences that tenancy, as well as any associated costs.


Arrange to redirect mail to your new address. Organise a final meter reading for gas or electricity and contact other service providers to arrange final billing to be sent to your new address. If your property is water metered please read the meter and supply the reading to your property manager. This will avoid you having to pay the council the final reading fee.

Check out

If the house is not clean, gardens tidy, lawns, rubbish removed and keys ready to be handed over at the pre-arranged final inspection time, we will have the maintenance attended to professionally, the cost of which shall be deducted from your bond, and rent will be calculated up to the date the keys are returned.


Your tenancy ends when you return the keys to us. You are responsible for rent until that time. If keys are not returned, locks will be changed and costs will be deducted from the bond.

Your bond

Your bond will be refunded to you promptly once you have fully vacated the property. If you have caused any damage or loss (such as unpaid rent), the Tenancy Tribunal may order all or some of your bond to be paid to the landlord.


For more information please contact your EVES Property Manager or your nearest EVES office