What our landlords have been saying...

“Dear Joanna, I am very happy knowing my house is in Sue's hands and want to say that she enhances Eves' Property Management profile in every way! I bought the house from an Eves real estate agent and now have an Eves Property Manager. I think that fact alone says so much about your company! Thank you very much for such impressive and special professionals.
Kindest regards"

Ann-Marie Jacobs-Brown


"Hi Vicki.
We have now settled and sold, and would like to sincerely thank yourself, Maggie and all the Eves Rentals team for your help and assistance throughout the 12 years.  As overseas clients we need the trust and professionalism of a company to deal with the entire aspect of property letting of which the Eves team has offered in abundance.   Nothing has been too much trouble to deal with over the years and many thanks again to you on handling a delicate and frustrating period over the sales campaign of the property. I can't thank you enough for your "beyond the call of duty" attitude in this third party issue between the tenants and the other Real Estate Company.  I wish you and the rest of the Eves Rental team in Tauranga all the very best and would highly recommend yours service to all that need them for the future.
Best Regards"

Chris & Marie Cullum


“I was put in the unfortunate position of having to find another rental prior to Christmas. The Team from Eves Property Management jumped into action and within days I have properties to view. We settled on a great property within a week. The process could have been highly stressful given the short time frame…….but not with Eves.

Thanks Eves! The family and I are looking forward to Christmas in our new home.”

D P Whitten (Tauranga)

“To: Eves Realestate, I am respectful of your pursuance of business especially in these times of our nation's housing crisis.

Your company applies hope and dignity to the world of renters. Acknowledgements to the Hamilton branch for this professional business that is leadership I'm sure in New Zealand's Rental Properties.”

I & B Bennett (Hamilton)

“I managed my own rental for six years, was lucky to initially land good tenants who paid regularly. Then followed by a series of ‘bad’ tenants (bad because I did not have the skill nor take the time to select the right ones) – house not respected, rent not paid (it takes a lot of time, knowledge and patience to go through the tribunal process) and my stress levels rising with every event. I lost money due to periods of vacancy and rent arrears.

I handed my property over to Eves Rentals two years ago. Since then I have had two ‘dream’ tenants – rent always paid, garden looking good, house clean and tidy. It’s not luck. It is the result of my employing professionals to do the job they do full time.

My monthly invoice shows (tax deductable) commission and it’s worth every cent for the peace of mind.”

Tauranga Avenues cottage owner.


"I’ve learnt the hard way that self management is fine when tenants are paying their rent on time and looking after the property. But when they are not it is no fun at all. After having to check and chase one tenant for rent for nearly a year, then clean up when he left my property a ‘tip’ and then find my way around the minefield of tenancy law to recoup arrears I handed my property over to EVES Property Management with a sigh of relief.

EVES found me ‘the perfect tenant’ and I happily receive their statement every month and forget about it in between. EVES commission is worth every cent in peace of mind and it’s tax deductable too"

Liz French


"EVES has managed our 12 units in Ngongotaha since 2008. We have had 3 different property managers in that time and they have all adjusted to understand the importance of managing our units well especially as we live between Auckland and overseas and seldom get to visit the properties. Their tenant selection is outstanding so that our 12 groups of tenants are compatible therefore reducing vacancy. They keep on top of rent, arrears, tribunal applications, filing on tenants, maintenance, insurance claims and communication with us. EVES has a great team of tradespeople that offer excellent rates and EVES take a common sense approach to handling tenant and maintenance issues so that we get a great result. At my request, most communication is via email and phone calls are made if urgent and necessary. Statements and all invoices arrive promptly and accurately at the beginning of every month (via email) and there are no surprises because all issues are reported to me throughout the month. Landlord payments are made weekly which helps with our cashflow.

EVES is a flexible company that offers management tailored to the landlord.  You can have more or less involvement in the management and EVES will oblige. Joanna Hart has been the manager of the Rotorua branch since we have been with EVES and she is always there to oversee anything that needs extra attention. I would not hesitate to recommend EVES Property Management to anyone interested in having their properties well managed. They are trustworthy and reliable. They step up to the plate and have your back."

R J Squires (Auckland/Fiji)


"We generally rent in the higher end of the market where you would expect the standard of property management to reflect the rental investment. This hasn’t always been the case with issues often taking weeks and several followup calls to elicit any remedial action.

What a difference when we moved into an EVES Rental a few months ago. We had hardly hung up the phone on the two occasions we had minor issues before tradespeople and our Property Manager Maggie Crownshaw were on our doorstep, problem solved.

Quality product and quality people - thank you."

Tony & Michelle Hutchby.


"As a builder I have worked with many residential property managers and property management companies over the last 12 years. At EVES Rentals Hamilton, I have found Manager Le-Anne Bremner to be excellent! She sets the highest standards of professionalism for herself and her team. I see EVES Rental property managers create and maintain a strong partnership with the property owner displaying responsiveness and reliability. This liaison greatly assists my team in providing timely and relevant assistance to the Tenants which to me means everybody wins”.

Philip Richardson
Network Property Services Ltd