Enhancing Eves Service in the Bay of Plenty

The importance Eves places on client service is demonstrated by the appointment of Ora McSweeny as Business Development Manager for their Bay of Plenty Property Management division.
This role encompasses nurturing the many property managements Eves is responsible for across all sectors in the Bay, identifying opportunities to improve and expand their service and encouraging new landlords to entrust their properties to Eves.
Ora brings a love of the industry and a natural affinity with people to her role. She also brings experience as a tenant, property owner and property manager. “As I worked as a property manager for many years, I have an excellent understanding of the needs and rights of landlords, tenants, contractors and the property management team I am here to support.”
Ora’s role will both allow Eves property managers to concentrate on the daily demands in ensuring their large portfolio of rentals is replete with satisfied tenants and prospering landlords. Ora may often be the first point of contact if prospective landlords require advice, rental appraisals and an overview of how Eves operates to their advantage.
“My love of the industry means I am always researching the market and increasing my knowledge. I am very organised and driven and find it immensely satisfying to provide superior service.”
Ora and her family have lived in the Bay of Plenty since 2014 and are very active in their community. Just like Eves. “I joined the team as I recognised that Eves are dominating the industry and have a very good name. They offer strong back up support to their people and have a reputation for engendering long term loyalty from staff and clients.”
If you own, or have recently acquired, a rental property in the Bay of Plenty contact Ora and gain the peace of mind that you and your asset will be respected and valued.