Eves is a family tradition
Assistant Property Manager Mikayla Graham is no stranger to the industry nor to Eves. Her mother, uncle and aunt have all been involved in real estate sales and property management and all work for Eves. “It is a natural progression for me,” she says, viewing her role as Assistant Property Manager as the first step on a career path.
Mikayla Graham does nothing by halves. She belongs to a local boxing club and is passionate about the sport. She aims to punch above her weight in property management too. “As I grow with Eves my intention is to develop a strong career in a fast-moving industry that excites me.”
Her property management grounding involves gaining experience by assisting other managers and by taking advantage of Eves ongoing in house and external training. Eves believe that to offer the best service to their landlords their managers should be conversant in all aspects of the industry including compliance which has gained in complexity recently.
Mikayla enjoys people and is confident she has the skills to handle the many and varied demands of what is essentially a people industry. Her communication skills and broad understanding of the many people who make up a community have been honed by working alongside doctors and clinicians in providing primary mental health care.
She has proven herself a strong communicator, efficient and diligent with attention to detail. “I have been brought up to have a well-developed work ethic and to appreciate the satisfaction gained from a job well done.”
While Mikayla treats boxing as the way to get a good life balance her clients can be sure she will also punch hard at delivering a superior property management service.