Introducing Louise Bidios

"A stitch in time saves nine," is the approach Louise Bidois applies to property management. She also applies skills gained from a strong background in law and property administration.
After 20 years working for two of the top tier law firms in Auckland where she was an executive assistant to partners Louise relocated to Rotorua to be near family. Having visited Rotorua for years she was very aware of Eves' reputation as one of the leading property management companies in the Bay of Plenty so she leapt at the chance to join her sister Denise at Eves.
Louise's skills proved very transferable. Her role as a legal secretary prepared her to be pro-active and thorough with attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile. Louise owns a rented property in Auckland in a ten apartment block. She was chairperson for the body corp for three years, managed the grounds and attended to any maintenance issues relating to common areas; property management experience that serves her well at Eves.
"I am really interested in property and know I can give landlords value in representing them and looking after their real estate investments. I love working with people and am enjoying the diversity of those I come in contact with daily in the course of managing property for Eves."
Louise appreciates the Eves office culture where everyone is willing to share knowledge and there is strong management support. She takes advantage of the extensive training courses available through Eves.
Louise effectively applies her legal and property experience to creating positive outcomes for the tenants and landlords she and Denise manage as a very efficient team. Louise puts their success down to:
- An alertness to and awareness of problems which are attended to promptly, a stitch in time saving nine.
- The ability to communicate quickly and effectively without procrastination.
- Being thorough with attention to detail and excellent time management.



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