Adam was a youthful starter in property management working for Lang Town & Country Lettings in England where from the age of 20 he was conducting viewings and undertaking their quarterly & final inspections. Other tasks included property floor plans & advertising photos. Adam has a keen eye for detail and always wants to bring out the best for a property when advertising for new tenants.

He was influenced by family to make property management his career and it gave him a good understanding of the housing market and the rules and regulations which govern it. He particularly enjoyed his dealings with tenants and landlords which gave him an early appreciation for the importance of relationship building.

When Adam moved to New Zealand his desire to continue working in this industry led him to Eves Property Management where in a short time he quickly built up his reputation in Hamilton.

Adam finds Eves' close relationship with Bayleys Real Estate and with Rothbury Insurance brokers enhances his ability to add properties to his portfolio and rounds out his market knowledge. He also keeps a close eye on other rental websites as a comparative exercise.

Adam has proven himself very approachable, understanding and hardworking - always endeavoring to provide the best service possible. "Time management is absolutely critical," he comments. "I take pride in my role and aim to stand out for the way I manage my working day and plan and prioritise tasks. This means being flexible as well.

Adam is still in his 20s and sees his youth and energy as an advantage for his ability to get on with the job with enthusiasm and handle any stressful moments calmly and sensibly.

Adam brought his love of the 'beautiful game' with him. "As soon as I jumped off the plane I joined the Cambridge Football Club and play regularly for the men's teams." He trains twice a week and enjoys the social side as well; as energetic and outgoing in his sporting life as he is in his professional one.