Trust underpins everything for Wesley Laird and the team he leads.
“My mantra for life and for this industry is ‘Trust’. We look after people’s greatest assets and they need to know they can trust us implicitly.”
Wesley’s career in property management began in Hamilton in 1998 in which he received numerous industry awards. He then transitioned into sales and spent a number of years as a successful real estate sales agent, after which he took a break from the industry. The opportunity to return to property management was like coming home for Wesley. Because it is all about people and Wesley thrives on the relationships he builds. “Although this is a property industry it is people centric – landlords, tenants, contractors, suppliers, colleagues…”

EVES strong family values are a good fit for Wesley who comes from a large family with a strong culture and tight network. “The EVES environment is something I am familiar with and value highly.”
In building a team with an excellent work ethic and commitment to service, integrity is vital. For Wesley, honesty goes hand in hand with trust. He sees his role as providing support in an ever- changing industry, providing resources for clients and the team and sharing information. “We have to be constantly upskilling on the many facets of our profession…legislation, best practice, health and safety etc.”
Wesley applies his experience and moral compass to leading and advising his team. “I make considered decisions. Listening and communication are the keys to successful management of property and the people to whom it means so much.”
The Laird family, Wesley, his wife and two children, are staunchly local and know and love their community.
All good reasons to put your trust in Wesley Laird and the EVES Property Management team.