Sue Knowles brings understanding and maturity to her role having worked in management and owned properties since her early 20s. She appreciates the opportunity Eves provides her to grow a business with good management support.

Sue has been a property manager since 2007 and puts her success down to loving the challenge of keeping many 'balls in the air', ensuring properties are maintained to a high standard, excellent property to tenant matching and getting the best results for her landlords and tenants. She takes advantage of Eves' ongoing training and the cooperative environment she works in.

A 'happy' tenancy is very important to her. "I value both landlords and tenants and build good working relationships where tenants are proud to keep their homes as if they were their own and landlords trust my judgment."

"Worth her weight in gold!" says one of Sue's many appreciative property owners:
I was recommended to Sue Knowles from a friend who spoke highly of Sue's work. I met Sue late August 2014 - when my property was left trashed by previous tenants. From the onset, Sue was encouraging and understanding of my situation with the property, as well as confident that she would be able to find suitable tenants very quickly.

Compared to my previous experience, I immediately felt comfortable and confident in Sue and her ability to deliver to my expectations. To her credit, Sue has lived up to expectations.

Her work includes:

- Exceptional attention to detail of every area of the home and property
- Detailed inspection reports with recommendation as to what needs fixing and when
- Photographs of every area - that match the inspection reports
- Selecting the right tenants that not only suit the property, but know that they will care for the property (not trash it) and are financially able to afford the weekly rent
- Open communication between myself as property owner and Sue

I can honestly say that I have full confidence in Sue Knowles and know that my property is in good hands. I trust her expertise completely. I absolutely recommend her for any Realty awards that your company has. Sue is worth her weight in gold!!

Relaxation for Sue is horse riding - trekking, hunting and dressage - and mountain biking. Her close family endorse and support her busy life.