Healthy Homes in His Hands

EVES Property Management take their mandate to facilitate Healthy Homes so seriously they have a dedicated Healthy Homes Coordinator, Sam Hide.

Sam Hide’s job is to assist EVES’ Property Management in protecting their landlords’ investments and their tenants’ health by working with Healthy Homes assessors and suppliers to ensure the homes EVES manage meet legal requirements as healthy homes. His aim is to ensure this is done in the most cost-efficient way for landlords with the best outcome in comfort for tenants.

Sam Hide is well qualified for this role. He has been in the appliance and homewares industry for over two decades and managed teams of up to 25 with his wife Sara. His most recent role, and the one that brought him to Tauranga, involved managing commercial accounts for the trade and corporate clients of one of New Zealand’s largest retailers.

“We can make excuses, or we can just fix it.” This is Sam’s favourite quote and the one that describes the way he approaches challenges, always invested in finding the best possible solutions, focussing on how to get the job done, not why it can’t be.

Sam applies his communication skills and strong belief in process implementation to strengthen relationships and build trust with clients and co-workers.

His energetic attitude extends to his personal life too. Canterbury born and bred, the Hides, who have two adult sons, have lived in Tauranga for six years, loving the weather and the access to recreation. Sam completed his first half marathon in Mount Maunganui in 2020 and plans plenty more in other parts of NZ. Cooking and eating out and live music are also high on his list of weekend ways to have fun with friends.

Taking serious action does not mean always acting seriously. In Sam Hide you will find a very approachable professional ready to have a laugh, even if at his own expense!

“I am enjoying transferring my skills to the challenge of protecting owners’ investments, negotiating with suppliers to minimise financial impact and to provide healthy homes for great tenants to live in,” says Sam Hide, the man committed to making Healthy Homes a stress-free reality for Eves’ clients