Ambulance at the top of the cliff
Excellence in Property Management
One of my paramount responsibilities as Property Manager is open and honest communication with my owners and my tenants. By being ‘The ambulance at the top of the cliff’ I ensure that any issues/risks are identified early and fixed before they create stress for all parties. While occasionally this requires me to be quite assertive, I always maintain a professional demeanour and demonstrate openness and understanding through difficult situations.
My responsive approach to enquiries ensures that emails and phone messages are answered rapidly and my workload is prioritised and manageable. I seek feedback from clients via google reviews. This transparency allows potential clients to make an informed decision in selecting a Property Manager.
Service to Clients
Events commonly happen outside of our 8am-5pm working day. I often sign up tenants outside of work hours when they have been identified as the preferred tenant, to ensure that I secure the best tenant for my owners and to reduce the stress for the new tenant.
I manage conflict well, usually resolving issues myself or, on the rare occasion it is necessary, through the Tenancy Tribunal. My attention to detail on these appearances has ensured that my owners’ interests are protected with successful outcomes.
I believe that my willingness to go beyond the call of duty has benefited my owners and my employers while it has rewarded me with repeat business, multiple referrals and satisfied customers.
Professional Development
I manage a large portfolio which keeps me very busy. I am a keen learner who appreciates the importance of keeping current with industry knowledge, industry changes and compliance to ensure I can keep my owners and tenants safe in an ever-evolving industry.
About me
I am a New Zealander who has lived in Australia for 12 years. I am thrilled to have returned to settle in NZ. I’ve recently built my own home here in the Bay and am very excited to be a ‘Kiwi’ again and to help others enjoy this special lifestyle.