Depth of Tenancy Experience

Lorraine McCarty brings depth of knowledge and experience to all facets of property management and tenancy law.

Commencing her Property Management career for EVES as Account Manager Lorraine McCarty also represented the company in Rotorua for all mediation and tribunal work. For four years she prepared the cases and facilitated the mediations as well as attending tribunal hearings. The awareness of what happens when things go wrong has proven excellent grounding for handling tenancies on a day-to-day basis.

Lorraine makes sure things go right by applying her understanding of legal rental processes to her managements, vigilant with tenant selection, inspections, communication, arrears and addressing concerns before they become problems. She also works to enhance her landlord's peace of mind by ensuring good market rents are paid and by advising any maintenance issues so her tenants live in environments they enjoy and look after.

Lorraine appreciates the supportive, fun team she works with and the benefits of the backing of a large real estate company with sound resources and a good reputation with landlords, tenants and when it becomes necessary, the Tenancy Tribunal. She keeps up-to-date with developments in property management through her many contacts in the industry and by attending EVES' regular training courses.

Lorraine has proven she can keep the balance in her role and please both landlords and tenants.



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