Focus on “The Three R s” of Property Management

Kylie Parker concentrates on what she considers the three key requirements of her landlords:
• That investment properties are never vacant
• That rents are paid on time, every time
• That property values are maintained or enhanced

Twenty-two years as a court bailiff prepared Kylie well for property management, honing her skills at communication, reading situations, keeping a step ahead, and mitigating difficult confrontational situations to achieve good outcomes for all involved. Total attention to detail and efficient planning and organizational skills to meet right deadlines are also areas where she excelled - important attributes to bring to property management.

As her bailiff’s job became more dangerous Kylie looked for a career that would fit her skill set. Property management proved perfect. Kylie has owned property, including a rental, so understands the needs around being a home and investment property owner. Her love of people, property and flexibility made her jump at the opportunity.

“My training and discipline from the Ministry of Justice has equipped me with the tools to be a good property manager. I am proud of what I can offer landlords and tenants.”
As part of the Eves team Kylie benefits from the resources of a large company coupled with the sense of belonging created by its supportive family culture.

Kylie is thriving in her property management career, looking after a diverse range of Hamilton properties for a diverse cross section of landlords and tenants.

“Landlords want a stress-free experience and in dealing with all the issues that arise as a manager I never lose sight of the three main requirements.”



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