From Thousands of Properties in London to Eves in Tauranga…
James Tunney brings extensive organisational skills plus depth of experience in tenancy law to his role as a Property Manager for Eves.
James’ background includes organising and co-ordinating the maintenance for 2,500 flats and apartments in London, excellent grounding for managing property in Tauranga! “Time management, negotiating skills, attention to detail and people skills including conflict resolution were integral parts of my role that apply equally here.”
His New Zealand experience began in Otara as a property manager for Housing NZ. He was rapidly promoted to Senior Tenancy Manager where he also mentored staff. After being transferred to Tauranga as Tenancy Tribunal Specialist with Housing NZ for the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, he recognised and embraced the opportunity to work in the private sector.
“Eves is a long-standing privately owned company which has served the community for many years. Before joining I was aware of their excellent reputation.”
From his base in Eves’ Bethlehem office he manages property all over Tauranga. “My overarching stipulation is that all the properties I manage must be of a good standard and compliant with legislation,” he says.
James not only brings experience, communication skills and willingness to go the extra mile to the role but also thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act (1986) including the most recent additions, and the Healthy Homes Guarantees Act.
Of all the attributes James brings to property management he believes communication is key to providing peace of mind to his clients. “Even if there is nothing new to communicate, staying in touch is critical with owners and tenants. In the unlikely event that things go wrong, if you don’t communicate, the silence can be deafening.”
James and his family have lived in Tauranga since 2015 and are committed locals.