After leading a team of 12 staff for a debt collecting company in Perth, Caitlin returned to her hometown of Rotorua, where she began her role as an administrator at EVES. Additionally, she provided support to the Head Office team by managing systems and CRMs for the EVES property management business.

After spending five years with EVES, Caitlin eagerly embraced the opportunity to step into the role of a property manager. Caitlin's passion for connecting with people and her natural communication skills make her a perfect fit for this industry. She's developed strong relationships with both owners and tenants, thanks to her genuine care and approachability.

What sets Caitlin apart is her love for a good challenge. She thrives in situations that push her to think creatively and problem-solve, drawing on her deep empathy for others to navigate conflicts and achieve positive outcomes.

Cailtin Loves working at EVES and she truly values the support and training provided by the team, making the most of every opportunity to grow and learn. For Caitlin, the camaraderie and shared knowledge within the group are essential for success.

In her role as a property manager, Caitlin believes in the power of clear communication, understanding, and attention to detail. These qualities, combined with her genuine care for people, form the foundation of her approach to delivering exceptional service.