Communication is the key!

Excellent communication is one of many skills Sonya Bull brings to her role as Waikato Team Leader and to the portfolio of properties she manages.
“A top property manager is organised, efficient, knowledgeable, honest and transparent in their communication. She or he aims to achieve the best result with personalised service.”
Sonya leads by example. Her time management is legendary – her daily workout completed by 6am, her business day planned and executed like an oiled machine, a very approachable and considerate one. Her 17-year-old son, her fitness and her work are her priorities and it shows.
Sonya has found genuine job satisfaction in property management. It was a career she came to after teaching and has loved for over a decade. This holder of a Post-Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching, a degree in sport and a certificate in personal training is well equipped to meet her daily demands.
“After completing my degree/post graduate diploma, I worked in finance and office management for 6 years and then was offered a role in property management where I found my passion. I love being able to assist people, ensuring owners have the pleasurable experience of well looked after properties, while tenants are also given top end service and satisfaction.”
Born and bred in the Bay of Plenty, Sonya was well aware of EVES reputation in the market. She came to EVES after working for two big industry leaders in Australia, acting as an office manager for a boutique property management company and holding a large portfolio as a property manager in Hamilton.
“I have seen the impact that self-managing a rental property can have on the owner financially and emotionally. This reinforces my goal to ensure gaining and maintaining a rental income stream is a stress free and profitable experience for our clients.”
Sonya believes that frequent communication is vital to ensure everyone is kept in the loop, no matter how large or small the issue is. She leads a team who share the same values and focus on translating these into an exceptional property service.
Engage Sonya and her team at EVES and you can expect transparency, integrity, attention to detail, prompt service and that vital component – communication.