I have been working for Eves Realty since August 2015 starting as an administrator in both Property Management and sales for 18 months before moving into a Property Mangers role in March 2017 and managing between 100 to 120 properties.

In my roles with Eve’s I have worked with a large range of cliental both internal and external of the company. This has worked to my advantage with being able to build a rapport with internal staff members who I am able to gain support from in building my knowledge and understanding of the forever changing real estate industry both with Rentals and the sale market.

I have come from a back ground of working at IRD for 6 years in this time I dealt with a wide range of customers. This has given me the ability to adjust and understand a wide range of people. I also have experience in the insurance industry working for NZI on insurance claims for the Christchurch earth quake. During that time I was dealing with the insurance claims for Alternative accommodation while our clients had their repairs done on their quack damaged homes. The dealings with home owner’s investors and property managers is what sparked my interest in property management as a career.
As a property manager my portfolio has older homes with long term tenants with mainly families. On average I sit around a 97% tenancy rate. As a home owner and a mother of two myself I understand both the importance of both a good home for my family and the caring and maintenance of a property/home.

I believe to be a successful as a property manager you need to be able to communicate with a wide range of people from all walks of life. As a property manager I work with tenants in guiding them in ways to improve the care of their homes and your investments to ensure we have good long term tenants.



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