Rothbury Insurance Brokers

Exclusive Insurance for EVES Landlords

Professionally managed rental properties are not the same as any other property.

As a Landlord you have the benefit of professional assistance which is likely to change the risk of the property and therefore the terms of insurance you can expect.

It is also wise to consider the impact of a property being tenantable due to a non-controllable event and what that means for your investment by way of loss of rents and who is liable for any damage.

Here at EVES we recommend that you discuss your property investment insurance needs with Rothbury Insurance Brokers. 

Rothbury will advise you on the best insurance options for you.

To find out more about how Landlord-Plan can keep you safe from the unwatend and unexpected.

In addition to the Landlord Plan, Rothbury insurance brokers can tailor a package that fits your specific needs.


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Mark Sloman Broker
P 07 834 6186 / 021 839 180


Donna Hyslop Broker
07 929 7954


Todd Mountfort Broker
P 07 929 9721 / 027 440 6935